Pregnant school girls speak out against vice

LINDA NYONDO, Lufwanyama
CAPTIVATED by the love showered on her by her boyfriend, 18-year-old Iris Lofoyi could not resist taking her relationship further.
She decided to become intimate, a decision that resulted in her getting pregnant.
Iris is now a school drop-out, but has plans to go back after giving birth.
“I regret my decision of getting intimate. It was madness. I was blinded by the love for my boyfriend, who was caring and supportive at the time,” she says.
Iris, who has since separated with her boyfriend, who was her senior at school, told the author that her parents were disappointed with her when they discovered that she was pregnant.
“My mother and father beat me up and reported me to the head teacher. They later called the boy’s parents to discuss the pregnancy,” she says.
The beatings she received at the hands of her parents forced her to end the affair because she realised that CLICK TO READ MORE

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