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Prayers didn’t bring up dead Kitwe woman’s body

Dear editor,
I SYMPATHISE with the family of the woman who lost her life when a crocodile caught her after rescuing her brother from the reptile in the Kafue River in Kitwe last week.
But I am very disappointed with some people who attributed the recovery of the woman’s body to the prayers of some evangelist or ‘prophet’.
This is religious fanaticism, which should not be promoted because it is dangerous and is not supported by the Bible.
Even a Grade Seven drop-out knows that when someone drowns the body is expected to come to the surface after four or five days because of decomposition, a biological process.
The corpse becomes blotted (inflated) with gases and therefore becomes lighter than the water. This is why it floated to the surface, and the children playing on the bank of the river were able to see it.
It is ridiculous to attribute this purely natural phenomenon to the prayers of one individual.
The clever evangelist knows that when someone dies in a river or lake and the body cannot be seen immediately it will come to the surface after four or five days.
That’s why he was assuring the bereaved family that the body would be found. But it was unfair for him to lie to the vulnerable mourning family that the recovery of the body would be a result of his prayers.
I am sure that by now scores of people, especially women, are flocking to him for deliverance prayers.
I am urging the bereaved family not to be deceived by such clergymen. The body of our beloved sister floated because it had been in the water long enough to decompose and become lighter after the accumulation of gases.
Let us stop taking advantage of people at their weakest point.


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