Letter to the Editor

Power Tools heroes deserve honour

Dear editor,
TWO nurses who helped a pregnant woman deliver on Power Tools and Logistics bus deserve to be honoured by Government.
The two – Dainess Chifita and Tila Mungo – are undoubtedly unsung heroes who were at the scene to help the Luanshya lady have a safe delivery.
Ms Chifita, an off-duty nurse in uniform who was on the roadside in Mpongwe, was called in by the alert bus driver to help deliver the baby.
Tila, on the other hand, was a passenger on the bus and helped to stabilise both the baby and mother.
The duo are heroes who should be honoured through promotion as well as during the investiture ceremony in October.
The two medical personnel exhibited selflessness.
Power Tools and Logistics should also consider giving the driver bonus for using his initiative to call in the nurse.
He deserves a pay rise.

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