Letter to the Editor

Power Tools crew, passengers saved my wife

Dear editor,
MY WIFE asked me to share this. It’s not a promotional post.
She was coming from Ndola, attending the funeral of my brother’s son, Emmanuel Kapindula, who died on Christmas Eve.
On the way, 45 minutes before Kapiri Mposhi, she passed out because of high blood pressure.
The other passengers were very helpful and called me and my brother in Ndola telling us about the situation.
The bus driver stopped for a nurse on board to help my wife till she regained consciousness. We asked if she could be sent to Ndola but the driver said Kapiri would be closer.
While communicating constantly with me and my brother in Ndola, the Power Tools crew and other passengers helped my wife till they reached Kapiri.
In Kapiri, Power Tools organised transport to take my wife to the hospital and asked her to call once she was okay to be picked up.
She was helped at the hospital and they called a Power Tools staff (another bus), who came to pick her up to complete the journey to Lusaka.
I would like to share my gratitude to the people who helped my wife on the Power Tools bus when she got sick.
I would also like to commend Power Tools staff for exceptional service during that situation. You deserve to be the leading bus services company.
Keep it up! Bravo!

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