Power of Nigerian pop music revisited

Friday Ballad with BALLAD ZULU
I SHUDDER with disgust when I hear Zambian music artistes stupidly trying to ape current Nigerian pop music.
I am not saying that as Zambians we can be completely isolated from the world and cannot have other countries’ music in ours. That is unrealistic and equally stupid.
However, to completely pick a Nigerian pop song and then sing it in Nyanja or Bemba is criminal (legally), unprincipled and ill-advised. In Bemba they say Insoni ebuntu (having shame is what makes us human).
These inane Zambian artistes who openly ape Nigerian pop songs do not feel insoni (shame)?
It is one thing to adopt a sound but one must make it their own. It is our duty to give to people that special something that God has put in us.
If you do not have that special something musically, then you have it in another field.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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