Posting pictures of the dead unethical – HPCZ

THE Health Professional Council of Zambia (HPCZ) has warned some health workers allegedly in the habit of posting pictures of the dead on social media to stop because it is unethical to do so.
Recently, the country has witnessed a growing trend of posting photos of deceased persons in hospital beds on social media platform such as WhatsApp and Facebook.
HPCZ spokesperson Terry Musonda in an interview yesterday said the trend is unprofessional and must be condemned.
Mr Musonda said the Patient Rights and Responsibility Charter is clear that every patient has the right to physical privacy and confidentiality.
“Therefore, even in death, a patient’s rights should be protected and safeguarded at all times,” he said.
He appealed to family members aggrieved to report to the council so that it can commence investigations.
“If the postings are coming from health facilities, the health workers should desist. It is against the Zambian culture for some people to reach an extent of posting pictures of dead bodies,” Mr Musonda said.

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