Letter to the Editor

Positive action on garbage collection necessary

Dear editor,
THE problem of garbage has been talked about over and over again. Whether it is in the cities’ central business districts or in residential areas, the situation is extremely bad, especially in the rainy season.
Whenever pronouncements are made by local authorities concerning garbage disposal or collection, mostly they border on threatening people who dispose of the waste indiscriminately. It’s rare to hear of solutions being offered to the problem that is likely to trigger outbreaks of diseases such as cholera in the communities.
The sight of heaps of domestic or household refuse at the doorsteps of Chipata or Garden townships’ residents, for instance, should inevitably cause the local councils and others who are legally in the business of garbage collection, to make some money for their organisations.
By agreeing on a minimal fee that the people in the townships can afford per month, the authorities can easily manage to dispose of the garbage in designated dump sites while ensuring that residential areas are free of dirt that poses a grave danger to people’s health.
As long as the people out there are not directly engaged in the ‘business’ of being smart in the way they should manage garbage and keep their surroundings clean, they’ll always have their own way of how to dump it – and the closest place to their homes is the roadside.
We hope this year the local authorities, through councillors, mayors and other officers, will move away from the tradition of making threats against residents to taking action by directly engaging people in communities in effectively disposing of the garbage. A small monthly contribution will surely go a long way in keeping the residents happy and healthy.
Campaigns about making cities clean must make sense through action.

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