Poor roads hamper Luampa take-off

WHEN President Michael Sata declared Luampa as a new district in Western Province in 2013, residents there celebrated.
They invited President Sata to be part of the celebrations to mark the separation of Luampa, then a constituency under Kaoma.
President Sata was humbled by the gesture of the residents of Luampa as they appeared to have been the only ones who appreciated the gazetting of the district, among the many which were created to bring development closer to people.
Due to Mr Sata’s prior commitments to State duties, he did not travel to Luampa but delegated Vice-President then Guy Scott to represent him at the festivities.
Seven years down the line, Luampa residents still applaud the Patriotic Front government for the wise decision to de-link Luampa from Kaoma because of the many benefits which have accrued to the new district.
“When you are given autonomous status, you feel free and proud, we are still grateful to the late His Excellency, Michael Sata,’’ Ben Lunetta, who has lived most of his life in Luampa, said.
Mr Lunetta, 74, said Chief Mwanatete gave out land for the creation of a township three kilometres from the mission station where the district is currently being administered from.
He said due to the rapid increase in the urban population, Luampa was declared a district.
Government has since invested in infrastructure such as the construction of 42 housing units, a civic centre, the district administration offices, a post office, police station, council lodge, cassava-milling plant and honey- processing plant etc.
Council secretary Benson Chama says unlike in most new districts, most of the infrastructure such as the civic centre, police station and houses are at over 90 percent completion and are ready for occupation.
With council workers crammed in two office buildings, Mr Chama says they cannot wait to shift and CLICK TO READ MORE

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