Poor roads affecting agro-sector in Central Province

CENTRAL Province Minister Sydney Mushanga says the poor road network in the region is affecting the agriculture sector.
Mr Mushanga said Central Province is an agriculture hub, and efforts should be made to improve the road network in agriculture productive areas.

“Feeder roads in Central Province contribute to agriculture boost but most of our feeder roads are in bad condition,” Mr Mushanga said on Friday during a briefing with First Lady Esther Lungu.
He also said the road network in urban areas needs to be rehabilitated and upgraded.
Mr Mushanga said in some districts such as Mkushi and Serenje, projects involving upgrading of township roads have stalled because of lack of funding.
Mr Mushanga said there is need to finish the construction of projects that have taken a long time.
He said he is concerned that some projects involving construction of infrastructure in the education and health sectors have also stalled.
“Most of the new infrastructure that PF embarked on since we formed Government in 2011 stalled, especially in the construction of township roads, because there is lack of funding from the treasury,” he said.
Mr Mushanga said out of 650 rural health posts that Government is constructing countrywide, 60 are being constructed in Central Province.
Some rural health posts have been completed and are operational, while others are still under construction.


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