Poor road impedes Chienge development

A POOR road network has impeded development in Chienge, says Chienge District Commissioner Joseph Chisakula.
Mr Chisakula said if the Kashikishi-Luchinda road is tarred, the district would attract developers.
In an interview recently, Mr Chisakula said developers are not keen on going to Chienge because of the poor state of the road.
“Government is, however, aware of this problem and we are waiting for contractors to come on site and begin to work on the road,” he said.
He also said that Luapula Province, in which Chienge is located, needs improved supply of electricity to encourage establishment of industries.
Mr Chisakula said Government is aware of this problem and is working towards improved electricity supply by constructing a hydropower station at Kuntabwika Falls in Chief Mununga’s area.
He also said Chienge is in dire need of financial services as the nearest bank is in Kawambwa.
Chienge also lacks a post office and filling station.
Mr Chisakula said the nearest filling station is 100km away in Nchelenge.
He also said despite Chienge being located on the shores of Lake Mweru, the area is in need of water reticulation for clean water.
Mr Chisakula said although Government has sunk some boreholes in Chienge, they are inadequate.
On education, Mr Chisakula Chienge the district records the highest pass rate in school examinations.

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