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Poor mobile services worry ZICTA

ZAMBIA Information and Communications Authority (ZICTA) has regretted continued poor service delivery by the country’s three mobile service providers despite constant warnings.
ZICTA consumer protection officer Edgar Mulauzi in an interview said the authority last month wrote to Zamtel, Airtel Zambia and MTN Zambia on ways to improve their services.
“We wrote to them to address the issues of quality service delivery to members of the public and from time to time we have been having meetings with the service providers. We will soon release a report to inform the nation after we finalise our discussions with them and analyse the reports we have compiled,” he said.
Mr Mulauzi said ZICTA has been receiving reports from the three mobile service providers on a quarterly basis and draw comparisons on their performance in line with the authority’s set guidelines of service delivery.
“We have started the process of reviewing the quality of service guidelines and strengthen them so that the service providers can be penalised because they are effectively failing to meet a required quality of service. We are also looking at options of not approving their market promotions as these also have an effect on quality of service. We want the service providers to comply with our set standards,” he said.
Mr Mulauzi urged consumers and the public in general to report all cases of poor quality of service from the three mobile service providers in the country.
“The licence conditions are very clear and stipulate that if five percent of subscribers from a particular network provider experience network outages or poor service, as the regulator, ZICTA will effectively carry out investigations,” he said.

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