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Pontiano Kaiche rekindles hilarity at Club Marilyn

PROFILE: Pontiano Kaiche mesmerising fans at Farenheit 24, last Friday

HE is one of the most hilarious entertainers who have been around for many years and an inspiration to the new crop of musicians.
Pontiano Kaiche, who many perhaps remember for his Sinjonjo folk music that swept the nation with an awesome song “Bana Mulenga,” is still a marvellous and irresistible entertainer.
Last Sunday, the seasoned singer, who fuses his performances with some rated comedy, was in action at Club Marilyn, in Lusaka, where he sent music lovers agog with laughter.
For a greater part of his show, Pontiano went comical in his native language – Bemba.
The man is good at fusing music with proverbs and riddles and apparently, he just knows when to say what without offending anyone.
How the fans loved it! Many times, Pontiano would take on patrons on a riddle challenge.
Performing before a sizeable but mature audience, it was indeed a rollercoaster ride for the patrons.
With the show starting slightly after 15: 00 hours, Pontiano played his favourite tunes, among them “Katyetye,” which condemns gossips, “Ifisashi” which relishes traditional cuisines and “Akapanda,” a song that urges men to take care of their children.
The fun kept rolling even as the sun sunk below the horizon and Pontiano sung and strummed his faithful acoustic guitar, while revellers took to the dance floor to show their dancing abilities.
Perhaps it is the comical delivery of riddles, self-styled folk music as well as his unique guitar-playing skills that make the singer standout in a class of his own.
All in all, Pontiano, whose music career spans over two decades is one great entertainer who has gone an extra mile to help out up-coming artistes.

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