Political violence: Who is to blame?

FOLLOWING the escalated political violence that characterised campaigns for the forth-coming general elections, stakeholders have expressed concern and wonder why the scourge cannot be addressed.
Some of the incidences recorded so far in the recent past in selected parts of the country include Mongu, where a Patriotic Front (PF) party supporter was beaten and later burnt to death.
In Nakonde, suspected United Party for National Development (UPND) supporters attacked a police station to forcefully rescue eight of their members who were arrested and detained for political violence cases.
Another incident occurred in Chibombo, where PF supporters clad in their party regalia were ambushed by UPND cadres on their way to Lusaka from a tour of the Copperbelt.
Other incidences of political violence have been recorded in Chingola and Ndola, where one PF supporter was allegedly stubbed with a screw driver and two others brutally assaulted using dangerous weapons.
In Southern Province some suspected UPND supporters have allegedly been attacking and assaulting PF supporters for flashing their party symbol or being clad in their party regalia.
The assaults were reported in Mazabuka, Monze and Namwala districts.
In Lusaka, a motor vehicle belonging to a PF supporter was burnt by UPND cadres in CLICK TO READ MORE

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