Letter to the Editor

Political parties must remove posters

Dear editor,
LATE President Levy Mwanawasa [MHSRIP] left the legacy of ‘Keep Zambia Clean and Healthy’ campaign, which has trickled down to councils.
Chongwe, like any other district, has the theme keep Chongwe clean. While we appreciate that the job of cleaning the township is the responsibility of the local authority, we the residents have the role to play to keep our district clean by minding where we throw litter, especially plastic bottles and used paper containers for opaque beer which are all over the township. Solid waste management and disposal is a costly venture and therefore residents need to throw dirt only in designated places to reduce on this cost. Communication plays a vital role in our lives, and there are many forms of communications, which include verbal, written and non-verbal. Non-verbal takes the form of dress, billboard, signposts, etc. These are erected at a great cost and placed at strategic positions like roundabouts, T-junctions, entrances, etc.
The just-ended elections saw an increase of advertisement using billboards dotted all over the nation pleading for votes. However, in Chongwe, instead of erecting the costly billboards, political parties found it cheaper to paste their campaign posters on billboards and signposts of learning institutions, of course without permission from the proprietors. An example of this is the T-junctions for Chalimbana and Chongwe secondary roads where signposts and billboards of Chalimbana University, Mukamambo and Chongwe Secondary School have had the signposts pasted with campaign materials from both the ruling Patriotic Front and the oppostion to the point that one could not read anything. It is like it these political parties that erected these structures.
I therefore make a passionate appeal to parties concerned to remove these posters as they are not serving any purpose now that elections are over. It is not the duty of the council nor the affected institutions but the people who put posters at night. They must also remove them at night.
October is an important month in the diary of Her Royal Highness Chieftainess Nkhomeshya Mukamambo and the Busoli Royal Establishment as they host thousands of dignitaries during the Chikwela Makumbi traditional ceremony. Imagine visitors getting lost because the sign post is covered with campaign materials. No one will make our place clean, except us. The sooner we do this the better.
That aside, some words will be deleted as they attempt to clean them and hence putting a cost on the affected institutions to re-do the printing. You make a bed, so you must lie on it. This goes to both the PF and UPND.

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