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Police officer dragged to court over debt

AFTER failing to fully settle his debt, a 41-year-old police officer of Lilayi has been dragged to Chawama Local Court for non-payment of K1, 410.
This was before senior court magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala in a case in which Rebecca Mwale, 36, of Chawama demanded that Ngosa Chibesakunda settles the debt.
Mwale told the court that Chibesakunda had on several occasion borrowed money from her that accrued to K3, 900.
“He paid part of the money after I put pressure on him.  Thereafter, he stopped picking up my calls. He even lies to me about when he will settle the debt,” she said.
But Chibesakunda promised to settle the balance of K1, 410 in June this year.
He said Mwale was a difficult woman who did not understand that he had no money.
“She sometimes uses vulgar language whenever I ask her to give me time to look for her money,” Chibesakunda said.
The court however advised Chibesakunda to avoid getting involved in such circumstances to maintain his dignity.
“It is not good for people like you, an officer for that matter to be dragged to court for such cases. Please avoid getting into such problems in future,” the court advised.
In passing judgment, the court ordered Chibesakunda to pay Mwale in two instalments of K700 in May and June.
“If possible, just pay her at once to end this matter,” the court advised.


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