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Police didn’t issue a receipt for K200!

Dear editor,
ON FRIDAY August 22, 2014, I entered one police station in Western Province to have my papers certified.
I had many papers to certify.
All of them were stamped with a police stamp by an officer.
I paid a total of K200 for all the papers that were certified.
I waited to be issued with a GRZ receipt, there was no sign that I would get one until I asked the police officer.
The police officer surprised me when he said they do not give receipts for certifying papers.
This baffled me because the money I paid was a lot and I expected the police to receipt it so that it is accounted for.
This was at one of the police stations in Western Province.
I am kindly asking the commend in Western Province to stop such officers from engaging in such activities because they are depriving the government of the money it needs to meet the needs of citizens.
Is this allowed by Zambian law?
Are police officers allowed to collect money from members of the public for various services without issuing them with official receipts?
The Zambia Police Service should address this plunder of public money and exploitation of members of the public because it is rampant at most police stations.
Western Province.

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