Police closing in on arsonists – Kampyongo

MINISTER of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo says the police have made remarkable progress in their investigations into suspected arson incidents in Lusaka and other parts of the country.

And Mr Kampyongo has urged the Zambia Police Thrift Credit Co-operative Society (ZPTCCS) board to improve communication amongst its members to avoid spreading of falsehoods.
Mr Kampyongo said police have intensified patrols and rounded up a few suspects in connection with the arson.
He said this yesterday after touring Grandview Academy, a secondary school being built by ZPTCCS in Chilanga.
“These individuals who are cowardly engaging in arson activities should know that we are following them and are very aware of what they are doing. We are also zeroing in on those who are sponsoring them. We want to ensure that those activities are curtailed.
“The small groupings coming from Mongu and Livingstone will be dealt with. Members of the public should report any suspicious-looking individuals to the police,” he said.
Mr Kampyongo said his ministry will issue a comprehensive statement once investigations are completed.
He urged members of the public to be alert, and partner with police in safeguarding their lives and properties.
Meanwhile, Mr Kampyongo said lack of communication between the ZPTCCS board and its members led to the spread of false information alleging that government has used their money for other projects.
“We want you to improve communications with your members to avoid spreading of rumours. Do not be under duress to complete the school without meeting the required standards due to demands by your members. Endeavour to explain what is involved. Be transparent and accountable to your members,” he said.
ZPTCCS board chairperson Matildah Mvula explained that it was agreed at the society’s annual general meeting that the money would be invested in building Grandview Academy.
Grandview Academy is being built at a cost of K23 million, and construction is expected to be completed next year.
Meanwhile, HONE SIAME reports that chief Government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga has urged the police not to relent in executing their mandate of maintaining law and order to safeguard the country’s foreign investments and sustain political stability.
Ms Mulenga said in an interview yesterday that Government has a duty to protect local and foreign investments when national security is under threat by ensuring that perpetrators of lawlessness are brought to book.
She said the police and security wings have a critical role to play in the provision of an enabling environment for investments.
Ms Mulenga, who is Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said Government is saddened by continued attacks of the police by some sympathisers of political detainees and suspected tax evaders.
“As government, there is no way we are going to allow anarchy in the country in the name of democracy. The police are not oppressing anyone but are merely enforcing the law. We have a responsibility to safeguard the country’s investments and security of the nation,” Ms Mulenga said.



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