PMRC support climate change fight

Bernadette Zulu

THE Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) has pledged to support Government’s efforts in evaluating and responding to Zambia’s need to fight climate change, as it is a threat to economic growth.
PMRC executive director Bernadette Deka said it is imperative for Government to further enhance efforts towards communication and dissemination of climate change information to increase awareness and understanding of interventions, programmes, opportunities and impacts.
Ms Deka said in a statement availed to the Daily Mail on Tuesday that PMRC remains supportive of highly feasible plans to reduce global emissions and build climate resilience for the immediate and future benefit of the country’s current generations.
“The fight against climate change concerns all citizens of the country and to this effect, there should be information available on the roles that citizens need to play in order to look after the environment.
“Having launched the National Policy on Climate Change (NPCC), the next steps for Government is to ensure that all players and stakeholders are consistent in implementing the policy,” she said.
She said there is need to ensure that adequate provision of resources for climate change initiatives is available among key players.
Ms Deka suggests a monitoring and evaluation mechanism with clearly defined key performance indicators that can serve as a guide to assess the state of such implementation process and outcome.
“PMRC welcomes the launch of the NPCC by Government as it is envisaged to provide a framework that will allow the implementation of existing and future initiatives and opportunities in a more coordinated manner to promote a long-term vision to achieve sustainable development,” she said.
Ms Deka is optimistic that the NPCC will provide guidance on how the Zambian economy can grow in a sustainable manner and complement the implementation of the Seventh National Development Plan.
“As PMRC, we further believe that this policy on climate change will promote coordination of all adaptation and mitigation measures towards combating climate change effects,” she said.

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