PMRC commends female ex-MPs


PROMINENT female parliamentarians who have not been re-adopted deserve to be commended for the exemplary work they have done in the House and in the country. Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) executive director Bernadette Zulu said women such as former Members of Parliament (MP) for Munali Nkandu Luo and Mandevu Jean Kapata offered their expertise in Parliament and to the nation. Mrs Zulu said in an interview that the female politicians must bow out with their heads held high after long years of service to the Zambian people. “For instance, Professor Luo has been involved in the malaria fight for so long. Professor Luo worked with sex workers, took them off the streets and empowered them to be responsible citizens,” Mrs Zulu said. She said Prof Luo created a network of 30 national AIDS advocacy groups and founded a non-profit organisation, Tasintha, which seeks to free Zambia from commercial sex work and HIV and AIDS. Mrs Zulu said the former Munali MP also established the National AIDS Control programme, the National Blood Transfusion Service and the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS programme. She said in Parliament, the former minister of Livestock and Fisheries contributed to various progressive bills, including CLICK TO READ MORE

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