Letter to the Editor

Please coordinate University Teaching Hospital donations

Dear editor,
I WISH to make a suggestion that donations made to the University Teaching Hospital be coordinated in such a manner that management are able to channel those resources towards the purchase of some of the most-needed medical equipment at the institution.
Take for instance, the Cancer Diseases Hospital, which for the past few months has been in the news with pictures of different organisations delivering donations in the form of food, fruits and sanitary towels.
Such works are highly commendable as there are some patients in need of such amenities and the donations bring joy and gratitude to the recipients
However, conversations with the patients reveal a desire to be discharged quickly which is hampered by a lack of medical equipment or irregular functioning of available machinery.
If all donations could be converted into cash, for a specific period of time, and that cash used to acquire the machinery necessary for regular chemotherapy, the process of healing would be faster and patients would be able to heal at home.

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