Letter to the Editor

Plasma TV thieves invade Mazabuka

Dear editor,
THIEVES specialising in stealing Plasma TV sets have invaded Mazabuka in recent months and continue to steal the valuable properties at will even during daytime.

The thieves, whose master-minders are believed to have come from Lusaka, are suspected to use specialised equipment to haul out Plasma TV sets from sitting rooms through the spaces in the window burglar bars.
They have no problem with opening any window at all.
They are known to steal from several households, maybe up to 10, during one night in a particular locality while tenants are fast asleep.
They also steal other valuable items like laptops.
At times the same thieves pounce even during daytime.
We appeal to law enforcement wings to step up and increase night patrols and apprehend these good-for-nothing thieves just bent on depriving their innocent victims of their hard earned property.

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