Plane ‘crash’ causes panic

A HOAX that a plane had crashed in Lusaka’s Chamba Valley yesterday caused panic in the capital city with emergency service providers and journalists rushing to the supposed scene.
Among those that rushed to the “scene” were officers from the Zambia Army, Zambia Police Service, Fire Department, the Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Health.
“There is no plane crash, it was just a drill by the Zambia Airports Corporation to check our preparedness to such emergencies. When we rushed to the ‘scene’, we just found something burning,” Lusaka Province deputy commissioner of police Edwin Bwanga said when contacted.
The simulation exercise, which occurred in Lusaka’s Chamba Valley, also attracted scores of Lusaka residents.
Zambia Airports Corporation Limited managing director Robinson Misitala was impressed with the preparedness of the country in responding to emergencies such as plane crashes.
Mr Misitala said the quick response by the Zambia Army, Zambia Police Service, Fire Department, the Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Health and the media is commendable.
He said the exercise had among other things exposed that authorities in this sector have the capacity to handle such an emergence.
Mr Misitala was speaking to journalists during a simulation exercise which drew actors from the defence forces, civil aviation, police service, fire brigade and other stakeholders.
And Civil Aviation Authority director general Gabriel Lesa said the exercise revealed that the country was prepared to handle emergencies such as a plane crash in the shortest possible time.
Mr Lesa said after the elaborate exercise, the team of actors will study their performance and which areas need improvement.

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