Letter to the Editor

Pit-latrine outside a wall fence in Chalala

Dear editor,
IT IS very disheartening to see a pit-latrine toilet just outside a wall fence of a house in Chalala after the cholera epidemic.
The same house has chickens, goats and ducks.
Just outside opposite the house next door plot: 13775, there is an open dug-pit where rubbish is thrown by the same people.
Rats/mice and cockroaches have manifested in our area.
Could the health council workers please look into this before we all get sick.
The house is off-Joe Chibangu Road (tar-mac road on your right off Shantumbu Road, before Munyaule market), near Hill-view park school turning into a dust road on your right by the school. Another house has a care-taker on the right who is always growing maize and making it a haven for thieves. Area councillor and member of Parliament, where are you? This is the third time we are writing.

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