PF for multi-party democracy, says Chama


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary-general Davies Chama says the ruling party has no intentions of transforming the country into a one-party-state.
And Mr Chama says the PF is set to transform its secretariat into a “Nerve Centre” for people-centred political programming towards and beyond the 2016 general elections.
Mr Chama said in a statement yesterday that despite the ruling party attracting and embracing members from the opposition, it will continue to adhere to the norms of democracy.
He said the PF will continue to respect, without reservation, the country’s democratic dispensation.
“Let me place on record that PF has no intention of taking Zambia back to a one-party State.  PF believes that Zambia must always remain a multi-party democracy where opposition parties exist to provide sufficient checks and balances,” Mr Chama said.
He, however, challenged opposition political parties to continue proving their relevance or risk extinction.
“The story of the dinosaur should provide serious lessons of the price to be paid for refusing to adapt. Today, Zambians demand the opposition becomes a ‘proposition of new ideas and constructive criticism’ and not the typical ‘I versus You’ adversarial politics.
“While it is not in the interest of a thriving democracy to see weakened political competitors, PF will surely not take the blame when the opposition settle for self-destructive modes. If as a consequence, Zambians choose to cast a vote of no confidence in these parties, it will be because they refused to engage in constructive politics of development,” he said.
He said the PF is looking forward to attracting more youths, men and women who share in the belief of a vibrant nation and to create a better life for all citizens.
“We, therefore, welcome our new members, too numerous to mention, with the latest being former United Party for National Development  vice-president Richard Kapita and the former NAREP secretary general Javan Kamanga, together with all who joined with them,” he  said.
Mr Chama also said the PF is proud of the humble, all-embracing, mature and people-centred leadership that President Lungu has continued to exhibit.
“Not only is his leadership style raising Zambia’s profile in the global village of nations, but it is also boosting PF’s local and international image, as a shining example of a truly democratic party.
“It is, therefore, not by coincidence, but by tough and correct decisions, that PF is the party of choice for all Zambians, including youths from academic institutions and the wider community, irrespective of their origin, gender, age or political affiliation,” Mr Chama said.
He reiterated President Lungu’s call for members to embrace newcomers.

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