‘PF to hold grass-roots polls’

THE Patriotic Front (PF) will next January hold elections at the grassroots starting at ward level which will culminate into a general conference in a bid to strengthen intra-party democracy, secretary-general Edgar Lungu has said.
And Mr Lungu has extended an olive branch to aggrieved members and has urged them to support President Sata.
Mr Lungu said during a public rally here on Saturday that the PF wants to rebrand by firstly holding intra-party elections.
“I want to take advantage of this meeting and tell the nation that we will hold elections to re-validate our mandate. We will all be subjected to elections,” Mr Lungu said.
He said the intra-party elections slated for next year will revamp the party by democratically replacing those who have failed to add value.
“We want to be more democratic and we know that President Sata is the best,” he said
And Mr Lungu says he will embrace everyone regardless of their shortcomings.
Mr Lungu said political strength lies in numbers, hence the need to embrace everyone.
“PF will only survive if we focus on unity and discipline. We need one another,” he said.
Mr Lungu, however, warned that anyone who will frustrate his efforts to rebuild the party will be kicked out.
“Those of you who were following my predecessor [Wynter Kabimba] did not commit any crime. Don’t feel guilty, unless you were following him for wrong reasons. Come, let us work together for the good of our country,” Mr Lungu said.

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