‘PF alliance will benefit Zambians’

THE Patriotic Front (PF) says Zambians will derive real benefits from the ruling party’s electoral pact with another party.
PF secretary-general Davies Chama said in an interview that if the ruling party forms an alliance with another party, the benefits will accrue to the people of Zambia and not the PF or its ally party.
“Parties that have shown an interest in forming an alliance with PF should know that the benefits will not be for them or the PF, but entirely for the Zambian people,” he said.
Mr Chama was reacting to an allegation by former minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Vernon Mwaanga that an alliance that will be made between PF and another party would benefit only the ruling party.
Mr Chama said some people might look at alliances as windows of opportunities for its members, but to the contrary, the ruling party’s agenda has always been driven by human welfare.
He said political party alliances should be driven by the desire by parties to combine efforts and co-operate towards progressive aims that should lead to development.
“Others are ignorant of reasons for forming an alliance. That’s why it’s important to consider the effects broadly. PF’s agenda has always been towards the people’s well-being and not for the benefit of the party,” he said.
Mr Chama said in this era, there should be no room for people who want to go into politics or form alliances for personal gain.
He said the PF government is driven by the passion to develop the country so that real benefits could go to the people that voted them into power.
“The people voted PF into power, hence deserve the benefits. If anything, the PF are employed by the people, so any alliance formed will be beneficial only to the people,” Mr Chama said.
The PF is having talks with the MMD for a pact ahead of the August 11 general elections.
And BUTTYSON KANDIMBA in Solwezi reports that PF deputy secretary-general Mumbi Phiri says the PF will bounce back into power after the August 11 general elections because of the massive support it is receiving across the country.
Mrs Phiri said the PF will win this year’s elections convincingly because of the massive infrastructure development projects being implemented in all parts of the country.
Speaking when she featured on a live phone-in programme on Radio Kabangabanga in Solwezi on Sunday, Mrs Phiri said the infrastructure development taking place since the PF assumed office is unprecedented.
“The infrastructure development which has been done in four years is unprecedented and is massive,” she said.
Mrs Phiri said the PF is comfortable with the 50-percent-plus-one winning threshold.
“Fifty percent plus one is what the people of Zambia were crying for, and us in PF, we have given the people what they wanted,” Mrs Phiri said.
She said there will be no re-run in this year’s presidential elections under the new electoral system because PF has amassed enormous support to capture the majority vote.
And Mrs Phiri said the violence in Choma by suspected United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres indicates that the opposition political party has already conceded defeat.
She said the PF means well for the people of Zambia and she urged the people of North-Western Province to embrace the ruling party and support President Lungu in the forthcoming general elections.
Mrs Phiri also urged qualified youths and women to take advantage of the grade 12 certificate requirement to aspire for council and parliamentary seats.

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