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AFTER almost three years since releasing his debut album Isampo, gospel singer Peter ‘Shakes’ Kaira has finally announced the release of his second album titled Twaimya Ishina Lyenu.

Peter says he is delighted to have his project out at the time when the love of God is in the air.
“It is the perfect gift for the right season,” he says. “This is the time we are appreciating God’s love for mankind by giving us His only begotten son, Jesus Christ.”
Like on his first project, Peter has shared some of his personal testimonies such as on the song Nanaka, on which he lamented that he was tired of lacking in the blessings of the Lord.
“For what I have been through, just like many others out there, I guess I am tired of waiting on the blessings of the Lord,” he says. “Now I can say, I am blessed and uplifted.”
The song, Nanaka, again features one of his close friends and fellow team member in the Peace Preacherz group, Rabby Chishimba, who he earlier worked with on the albums Katalalika Wamabimbi and Ninkumbu Shenu before he went solo in 2013.
Other songs that have made the album, which is receiving massive air play on most local radio stations, include Lesa Mukulu and Tonta Amenso.
While the former talks about the mighty strength of Jehovah, the later talks about prodding believers to set their eyes solely on Jesus as a way of testing their faith.
Other songs that should bring some hope and strength among the wary and heartbroken include Manasseh, Blessing and Ukwelela, the song that talks about forgiveness.
“Ukwelela is a befitting song for this season because Jesus died for us and therefore, we are mandated by the Bible to forgive each other just as he has forgiven us,” said the CBC Viewers’ Choice award-winning artiste.
Others songs are Namuno Mwine, Upper Room and Finshi Wachita (featuring Chosen Catholic Choir), which are socially inclined although anchored on Christian values and tenets.
Meanwhile, talking about his 2017 CBC Viewers’ Choice award for Best Male Gospel Artiste (for the song Condemn), Peter said he has since dedicated it to his late mother.
“The award is dedicated to my mother who died 16 years ago. She was the pillar of my life and ministry,” says Peter.
And true to one of the Christian tenets that the redeemer Jesus lives, Petershakes cautioned every believer that they must live by example, not as Isampo (unreal) as he sang in his previous album.
Christians, according to Petershakes, ought to live by example by carrying the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose priceless gift of life has redeemed all those who walk with Him.
With songs such as Umoyo and Pa Fintu, Peter was simply in his usual element when he launched his debut album and introduced his new project at Chilenje Hall last year.
Other songs that made up Isampo album included Mwebalolekesha, Ingileni, Ino Nkulo, Discover Recover and a politically-motivated Tigwilizane.
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