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Petauke gets 2 maize sheds

THE construction of two maize storage sheds in Petauke district in Eastern province with a capacity of 10,000 metric tonnes has been completed.
The Petauke Farmers Training Center upgraded the depots into sheds with the help of African Brothers.
Petauke District Commissioner Velenasi Banda said in an interview that the construction of the two maize storage sheds will enhance food security and prevent maize from going to waste.
She said a lot of maize in the past had gone to waste in the district due to insufficient storage sheds but with the new sheds, wastage of maize will be a thing of the past.
“The district was given a target of buying 504,000 by 50 kilogram bags of maize but due to the bumper harvest, we have exceeded the target and we have bought 1,016,186 by 50 KG of maize at a cost of K69, 366.570,” Ms Banda said.
She said so far K13, 421.550 has been paid to the farmers leaving a balance of K57, 711.470.
Ms Banda said she was happy that the maize purchases in the district were going on very well although the majority of farmers have not yet been paid for the maize purchases.
“Most of the farmers have not been paid yet for the produce making it difficult for them to prepare for the next farming season and despite that, most farmers still have maize which needs to be bought,” She said.
Ms Banda said the district has five agricultural blocks which are divided into 38 agricultural camps. Both the new district agricultural committee and camp agricultural committees are in place.
She thanked government for the timely release of farm inputs. So far the district has received all the targeted basal dressing fertiliser amounting to 57,640 by 50 kg bags.
The district has also received 16,093 by 50 kg bags of top dressing fertilizer out of the expected 55, 340 top dressing fertiliser.
Ms Banda said the district is yet to receive 23,920 by 10 kg bags of maize seed and 150 by five kg  bags of sorghum.
And on the agricultural projects that have been funded by government in the district, the District Commissioner said two are underway  namely the construction of the Nsenya dam at a cost of K640,000 and the rehabilitation of the farmers training centre whose works are progressing well.

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