Letter to the Editor

Perpetrators of soccer violence must be caged

Dear editor,
I ENJOY the sports programme “Talking football” on ZNBC TV and Radio anchored by Hebert Mutabi.I was however, disappointed with a senior analyst on the panel who strongly supported soccer violence exhibited by Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid when he inflicted a career threatening injury to Mohammed Salah of Liverpool during the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League cup final in Russia.
Known as the beautiful game, football has no place for deliberate physical violence by players on the pitch. The lovers of the beautiful game want to watch good players exhibiting skill on the pitch and not deliberate rough play to apparently silence skilful opponents.
In the interest of the football-loving world community, I request the panellist who strongly supported such act of football violence to apologise publicly or be axed from the programme. As a former player and administrator, he is sending wrong signals to young aspiring football players. At a time our nation is grappling with political violence and gangsterism, we cannot add another vice in football violence by players.
As far as I am concerned, Sergio Ramos and other perpetrators of such pre-meditated soccer violence must be sued in courts of law for putting the name of the beautiful game into disrepute.

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