Penjani advises reaching out in anxious times

WITH the coronavirus, you never know where it will eventually lead to. But no doubt the effects are being felt with daily life having been turned upside down.
Tennis star Serena Williams was among the first to admit how the coronavirus had impacted her. “Every little thing makes me crazy,” she posted on social media.
But she is certainly not the only one. Millions of people have been anxious by the uncertainty that lies ahead. The fears of people going into depression are now real.
Gospel singer Penjani decided to offer some counsel based on her own experience. Below is what she shared on social media.
“I want to talk about how to stay sane in these times. When it was announced that COVID-19 has made a debut in Zambia, I freaked out because it got real. It was not something we were just hearing in the news, it was real. It had come to our borders and we saw borders being closed.
“For me who is actually a minister in music and an entrepreneur I was not doing so well because I rely on imports and prior to COVID-19, I was already dealing with the depreciation of our local currency. For me, it was personal, thinking about our being a landlocked country and CLICK TO READ MORE

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