Letter to the Editor

Payroll scandals at Kapiri DEBS office

Dear editor,
WE WRITE as concerned teachers complaining about the payroll scandals in Kapiri district. Some Innocent teachers have fallen into the trap were they are being used by payroll end users at Kapiri DEBS to steal money from Government through questionable allowances and salaries.
This has been going on for some years now, and despite several complaints against these officers, no action is taken against them by the provincial office. Some teachers are appearing for interrogation at Kabwe DEC offices, but end users have been left free. The question is, how did these teachers start getting these allowances and salaries without the input from end users?
The district education secretary has also brought these issues to the attention of the provincial office but all these efforts fall on deaf ears. Even the Kapiri District Commissioner’s office is aware of these issues.
From the look of things it’s like the provincial office is so determined to the bone to protect these end users who have built mansions in Kabwe. The Government effort to clean up the payroll is a very welcome move but it will prove to be a failed project in Central Province as long as the perpetrators of payroll crimes are protected by the provincial office. And Kapiri district education board office will continue to be a leading district in payroll scandals in Central Province.

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