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Pay nomination fees for women aspirants, parties told

NON-GOVERNMENTAL Organisation Co-ordinating Council executive director Engwase Mwale has called on political parties to start businesses that will help them pay nomination fees for women candidates ahead of this year’s elections.
Speaking during a discussion forum ahead of the International Women’s Day organised by Zambia National Women’s Lobby in Lusaka recently, Mrs Mwale said political parties must mobilise resources for the women they will adopt to help them with nomination fees and campaigns.
She said the hiked nomination fees will hamper the participation of women during this year’s election.
“Political parties need to bring in business experts who will help them raise funds to support their own activities. It is important that political parties raise their own money than waiting for funds from their donors because, look at how women will struggle to garner funds to pay for the nomination fees,” Mrs Mwale said.
And speaking at the same forum, Zambia National Women’s Lobby executive director Juliet Chibota said non-governmental organisations will not manage to fund women who want to participate in this year’s elections due to limited resources they receive from their funders.
Mrs Chibota also noted that there is limited time to mobilise resources for women politicians who want to participate in the elections.
She, however, said the women movements will continue engaging the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) over the hiked nomination fees.
“We have on many occasions engaged the ECZ over the high nomination fees. We shall continue knocking on their doors with hope they will change,” Mrs Chibota said.
The ECZ  recently announced an upward revision of presidential nomination fee from K10,000 to K75,000 while that for parliamentary candidates has been increased from K5,000 to K10,000.

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