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Patson Moyo: Extraordinary pupil

PATSON Moyo (centre), a Grade 10 pupil of Linda Community School scored 100 percent in mathematics in the 2018 Grade Nine examinations. PICTURE: BRIAN MALAMA

PATSON Moyo is a dynamic Grade 10 pupil of Linda Open Community School who has amazed the management, his school and classmates with his outstanding performance in class.
He scored 100 percent in mathematics in the 2018 Grade Nine examinations and what is more is that he also aced 94 percent in the same subject during the mock exams at his school.
In the final exam, his lowest score was 64 percent in English and that is because he did not complete writing as he was unwell.
Notwithstanding, he got 89 percent in religious education, 87 percent in business studies, 82 percent in science, 75 percent in computer studies, while in Chinyanja, he obtained 75 percent.
What is worth noting about 16-year-old Moyo is that, despite his distinguished achievements at school, he comes from a vulnerable background having lost his parents when he was still a baby.
“I have never known my parents because I am told they died when I was still a baby. I was also told that I have a sister but I don’t know her, nor do I know her whereabouts,” he explained.
When he lost his parents he went to live with his aunt but tragedy struck when she also died, leaving Patson wondering what was happening to his life.
Nevertheless, as fate would have it, his grandparents took custody of him and he lives with them to date in Linda township.
His grandmother is a marketeer while his grandfather is a farmer who earns very little income, making it difficult to adequately provide for the family.
Therefore, when Patson made it to Grade Eight, he could not go to school because he had no one to pay his fees forcing him to stay home.
Unfazed by the impediment, Patson determined that he was not going to be stopped to have an education. Therefore, one day he went to Linda Community School where he approached the school management and told them his story.
He also requested for assistance from the school authorities, who took pity on him and allowed him to start learning with the view that the management would find him sponsors.
This gesture excited the young man, who jumped at the opportunity to start learning, and eventually, Linda Open Community School management was able to find him sponsors, thus sealing his stay in school.
Patson worked so hard that when everybody else knocked off from school at 12:30hrs, he remained to study until 17:00hrs.
He did this on a daily basis with little play and driven by the passion to change his status quo and that of his family.
“I believe that education is the only solution to getting anyone out of poverty. With school and hard work, I believe I can change my future and destiny,” he says.
Patson, who aspires to be an engineer, is not playful and chooses not to follow the crowd because he believes everyone has their own destiny and has a different lane to run in the race of life.
This notion has enabled him to stay resolute and allow himself to not be influenced by peers to neglect school.
His grade teacher, Develious Mshanga, says Patson is the best Grade 10 student in the school who sometimes coaches Grade Nine pupils.
Mr Mshanga is of the view that Patson is a determined and relentless boy because of the troubled background he comes from.
“He is a hyper-intelligent boy and through advice and guidance from the school, Patson is persuaded that nothing will stop him becoming a force to reckon with in life,” he notes.
Patson’s life story and his achievements in school should encourage any vulnerable child to not give up on life just because of their background.
It should encourage children from disadvantaged homes that opportunities in life are the same for both the rich and poor, and that all they need to do is have confidence and grab the chances that life avails to everyone.
Patson’s story is also a lesson to privileged children that hard work will get you anywhere where riches may fail.

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