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Patriotic Front bigger than anyone

EVERY organisation or club, political parties inclusive, has rules and regulations which members must abide by.
And failure to abide by the rules and regulations will inevitably attract sanctions which may include expulsion, as is the case with former minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili and former Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenge.

Therefore, faced with senior members of the party who were not willing to adhere to rules and regulations, Patriotic Front’s disciplinary committee, which draws its authority from the Central Committee, has decided to expel Mr Kambwili and Mr Musenge.
We applaud the PF Central Committee’s decision to expel Mr Kambwili, the Roan member of Parliament, and Mr Musenge from the party.
The charges laid against the duo were supported by Article 29 (c), (d), (h), (i), (n) and (p) as follows:
Article 29: Offences against the party shall include: –
c. acting in the manner that is likely to bring the name of the party into ridicule or contempt or disrepute; It is a decision which was not only necessary, but also long overdue.
The necessity of this decision is premised on the need to promote and instil discipline in the party.
According to the deliberations of the Central Committee on Saturday, it has long been realised that Mr Kambwili’s actions were inimical to the interests of the party.
It is worth noting that the PF is not just a political party but also a ruling party and, therefore, the conduct of its members must be exemplary to instil and maintain confidence in those that have entrusted it with managing national affairs.
The utterances and activities of Mr Kambwili and Mr Musenge were not only destructive but also bordered on bringing the name of the PF into disrepute.
Mr Kambwili evidently went on a relentless and vicious attack of the party he claimed to have founded.
He also manoeuvred to form a splinter party to undermine PF.
By repeatedly insisting that he was one of the founder members of the PF, Mr Kambwili indirectly intimidated other party members and shielded himself from any possible disciplinary action.
No one has debated or disputed the authenticity of his claim of being a PF founder member; it is not necessary.
However, the status of being a founder member does not confer immunity from discipline by the Central Committee or indeed insulate anyone from appropriate disciplinary action.
The discipline meted out on Mr Kambwili and Mr Musenge has set a good example to others.
The Central Committee has sent a loud message that the party is bigger than any individual, whether a founder or not.
It is vital for maintaining intra-party unity and discipline.
The two should, therefore, not cry foul. They authored their own fate.
Since it has been Mr Kambwili’s desire to be a presidential candidate in 2021, we wish him all the best in his new political endeavours, which could include forming his own political party as an authentic founder.


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