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Pastor’s wife throws in towel

A PASTOR’s wife has narrated before the Bulangililo local court how her husband describes her as a curse and hindrance to his spiritual growth and the

advancement of his religious ministry.
Before Bulangililo local court senior magistrate Kambole Nyoni was Judith Mulenga, 33, who sued David Chalwe, a pastor, for divorce on grounds that he is fond of using abusive language whenever the two have a marital dispute.
The two tied the knot in 2004 and have four children.
Mulenga told the court that all was blissful in their marriage until Chalwe’s relatives visited their home.
She said when she asked Chalwe to give her money to buy food for his relatives, he told her he did not defecate money.
“When his relatives visited us at some point, I asked him to give me some money so that we buy food for them but I was shocked with how he answered me by saying Umona kwati ndanya impiya ine [you think I defecate money]?
“We had another quarrel and he packed his clothes and left, he keeps complaining that I am a curse and a hindrance to his work as a pastor,” Mulenga said.
Mulenga said she has given up on her marriage because attempts to reconcile the two have proved futile.
He said Chalwe is tight-fisted and only leaves a K700 at home for food for the entire month.
In his defence, Chalwe said Mulenga equally has a sharp tongue and he agreed that the couple be granted divorce.
He accused his wife of blowing small issues out of proportion and that her behaviour changed ever since he lost his job in Solwezi.
“Yes, I said she is a hindrance to my spiritual work because of her behaviour and her language. She is the one who has filed for divorce, so it is okay. Problems started when I lost my job and she has no respect for me,” Chalwe said.

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