Letter to the Editor

Pastors who commit crimes should have churches deregistered

Dear editor,
CASES of men of God committing various crimes have increased in Zambia.
The media is doing commendable work by reporting the sinful cases where pastors are allegedly swindling unsuspecting people of their properties and money.
This is being done even to the very vulnerable people in society like widows. Pastors are also often being implicated in serious cases of sexual exploitation of women and girls, including rape, assault and defilement of underage children.
There seems to be no tangible action to curb these crimes.
I personally think there is a lacuna in the existing law, and enforcement against such crimes is not deterrent enough it seems.
I am very sure that if appropriate legislation were to be put in place, the scourge could be drastically reduced.
Crimes committed by Men of God should be made unbailable until after the due courts of law processes.
Also, should a pastor be convicted by any court, the Registrar of Societies must automatically be compelled to deregister that pastor’s church and all its properties proved to be proceeds of the crime be confiscated by the state.
Lastly, convicted pastors must be subjected to serve lengthy jail terms.
These measures will help deter pastors from committing such criminalities against the unsuspecting innocent people.

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