Letter to the Editor

Pastors misleading patients should be prosecuted

Dear editor,
I write to urge some ‘men and women of God’ who call themselves Christians to stop misleading patients by telling them to stop taking drugs prescribed to them by medical doctors.
Victims to these so-called prophets are mainly those who are HIV-positive and are told to stop taking ARVs and just embark on prayers which the purported prophets offer.
Let us be alive to the fact that medical doctors also have a calling from God for the sole purpose of saving lives.
It is therefore not good to advise patients on ARVs to stop taking them only for them to die sooner than later because their viral loads fail them.
This is totally unacceptable and I urgently appeal to the Ministry of Health and the powers that be, to quickly move in and deter this developing belief in patients who are becoming victims on a daily basis.
Yes, prayers can work alongside the already prescribed medication and not to stop taking medication.
Most of those who have stopped taking ARVs opting for prayers have actually died quicker than they could if they did not stop taking the drugs.
I feel it should also call for prosecution of those advising patients to quitting taking drugs for causing death when the patients die to put this rot to rest.

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