Pastor in dock over land

A 41-YEAR-OLD pastor has appeared for trial before the Kabwe Magistrate’s Court for allegedly selling a plot belonging to a woman aged 78.
Pastor William Israel Chikonde appeared before magistrate Pumulo Mubita for allegedly selling Emma Kasapo’s plot to Geoffrey Kanyonze at K8,000.
In her evidence before the court, Ms Kasapo said the land in Makandanyama, which pastor Chikonde claimed to be his, belongs to her.
Ms Kasapo of Makululu said she has been cultivating on the land since 1980, and wondered how pastor Chikonde got the land and sold it to Mr Kanyonze.
Ms Kasapo said she was surprised one day in October last year when she found blocks and a well on the land.
She told the workers that the land was hers and not pastor Chikonde’s.
“He [pastor chikonde] asked for forgiveness when he came and said what he did was wrong,” Ms Kasapo said as she faced the clergyman in the accused dock.
“He said there was land belonging to the church where they were supposed to build a church but authority was not given and he wanted us to exchange plots but I refused.”
She said she does not have documents for the land but it belongs to her and does not remember giving it to pastor Chikonde.
But during cross-examination, an emotional pastor Chikonde told Ms Kasapo that her son, Thomas, gave him the land in appreciation for what he did for him.
“Thomas gave us the land to build a church to thank us for keeping him until he got a job,” pastor Chikonde said.
And Mr Kanyonze said he was surprised when Ms Kasapo came forward to claim the land.
He said when efforts to retrieve his money with the help of the police from pastor Chikonde failed, he laid a charge against the pastor.
Trial continues on April 19.

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