Partisan civil servants face boot in Central Province


CIVIL servants who are actively involved in partisan politics and those who fail to deliver in line with the Patriotic Front-driven vision in Central Province risk being transferred or dismissed.
Central Province permanent secretary Chanda Kabwe issued the warning here on Friday when he paid a courtesy call on Chief Chamuka and when he addressed civil servants.
“We don’t want docile, politicking and lazy civil servants. In two months, you will see casualties.  We have started with the Ministry of Health, next it will be the police and the Judiciary,” Mr Kabwe said in response to Chief Chamuka’s concerns over civil servants who are failing to deliver.
Mr Kabwe said the PF government under the leadership of President Lungu has a responsibility to deliver service to all people in the country.
Mr Kabwe said Government wants an efficient and effective civil service and this is only possible when civil servants are dedicated to their duties.
And addressing civil servants, Mr Kabwe said some of the civil servants are actively involved in partisan politics long after last year’s general elections.
Mr Kabwe said it is sad civil servants, who are expected to implement the vision and policies of the government, participate actively in politics.
Mr Kabwe said “bad elements” in the civil service in Central Province have been given a second chance to reform and dedicate themselves to work for the people.
He urged civil servants who are interested in politics to leave the civil service so that they can concentrate on their political ambitions rather than interfering with Government programmes.
He commended Chisamba council chairman Fred Choongo and member of Parliament Chushi Kasanda, who, despite belonging to the United Party for National Development (UPND), are working with the PF government in promoting development and improving the living conditions of the people in the new district.
He also said tribalism and nepotism will not be condoned in Central Province because such vices are retrogressive to the wellbeing of the country.

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