Parley ratifies Kalaluka as Attorney-General

PA R L I A M E N T y e s t e r d a y u n a n i m o u s l y r a t i f i e d t h e presidential appointment of Likando Kalaluka as Attorney General.
During debate, Luanshya Central member of Parliament (MP) Steven Chungu (PF), in moving the motion, said Mr Kalaluka has distinguished himself as a good legal practitioner who is experienced and is a person of high integrity throughout his career.
Mr Chungu said Mr Kalaluka’s experience is unquestionable and that there is no legal basis to disqualify him.
He said there are no adverse reports on Mr Kalaluka, neither are there contrary views about him except that he has been a person of high integrity.
Mr Chungu said witnesses, who appeared before the parliamentary committee to scrutinise the presidential appointment, did not express worry about Mr Kalaluka’s appointment adding that they informed the committee that he is a non-partisan person and would carry out his duties diligently.
In seconding the motion, Mpongwe MP Gabriel Namulambe (PF) said the nominee is mature, experienced and a qualified lawyer to assume his new role which is critical to the good governance in the country.
Mr Namulambe urged Mr Kalaluka to exhibit confidence, impartiality and independence in line with the operations of his office.
“The nominee is a person with an unquestionable character and he is a young man who is just 38 years.
“People should not say that he is a person with little experience but this is the time that we have to start putting young people in high decision-making positions. And he has risen from the ranks,” he said.
Choma Central MP Cornelius Mweetwa (UPND) called for the office-bearer to provide proper guidance to the government on legal matters.
And Chama South MP Effron Lungu (PF) said it was clear from the report of the committee that all the witnesses that appeared before it endorsed the appointment.
He said there could never be someone better for the job than Mr Kalaluka and further urged all MPs to support him as he takes up his new position as Attorney General.
President Lungu nominated Mr Kalaluka, who is currently LAZ Honorary Secretary, to serve as Attorney General.

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