Panji takes councillors to task over land


TASKFORCE chairperson on illegal land allocations and acquisitions Panji Kaunda has learnt with dismay that some corrupt councillors are trading ill-gotten land with motor vehicles.
Colonel Kaunda said it is sad that civic leaders are using land to enrich themselves and warned perpetrators of the crime that they will face the wrath of the law once caught.
Speaking in Chingola yesterday during a meeting with councillors at the civic centre, Col Kaunda urged the civic leaders to manage land with honesty and impartiality.
“Reports have been coming that some councillors are illegally giving land to residents. Some councillors are obtaining money from residents and promising them land, but it is never delivered. They even give unsuspecting customers letters of offer when they know that there is no land,” he said.
Col Panji, who is Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, said Government is determined to put a stop to illegal land allocations and acquisitions, and urged local authorities to work with the Zambia Police to bring culprits to book regardless of their political affiliation.
“Do not use land as a way of enriching yourselves as your friends are doing in other councils. Some residents in Kitwe want to demolish a councillor’s house. They have the ‘right’ to do that because they lost money,” he said.
He said it is sad that some councillors are driven by personal ambition to get wealth as opposed to providing services to the people.
“We have lost dedication to duty and put ourselves first. We should bring sanity to the country by ending this anarchy,” Col Kaunda said.
The deputy minister also warned people against building houses on illegally-acquired land and also ordered Chingola Municipal Council to demolish structures that have been built without their approval.
“You [councils] are failing in your duties, and when you fail, the Government also fails. You watch people making illegal structures without doing anything. You should start giving notices of demolition to residents,” he said.

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