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Pamo to set up $3m farm

SMALL-SCALE farmers need machinery for them to effectively contribute to agricultural production and the country's economy.

PAMO Mangala Farm Limited (PMFL), an agro-based Zambian firm plans to set up a commercial farm in Shiwangandu district at a cost of US$3 million to produce and process various cash crops for the local and regional markets.
PMFL intends to establish an integrated green-field agro industrial project designed for the production and processing of various high value crops such as wheat, soya beans, maize, sugar cane, bananas, potatoes, vegetables as well as livestock production.
According to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report submitted to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA), the project is expected to contribute to the much needed development in the newly created district and help the country manage the high demand of farm produce.
The project which is financed by the European Union intends to assure quality processing, by vertically integrating production to achieve higher profit margins and to ensure its final products reach the international standards.
“PMFL seeks to develop an agriculture commercial farm in Shiwangandu at a cost of US$3 million. The project offers favourable conditions for various agricultural activities that will promote productivity, value addition, food security and foreign exchange for the country through exports of various far produce,”the report reads.
The project will have a positive and negative impact on the district during the implementation period.
On the positive social-economic fronts, the project will create employment, increase value of land in the project area, and improve education facilities and infrastructure development.
Other positive impacts include attracting more investment, opportunities and skill acquisition, market for goods and services, increased local trade, improved health services/facilities, and increased government revenues, through taxes.
On the negative impacts, the project will create loss of biodiversity, air and noise pollution, stress on water resources and waste generation and management in the area.

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