Ozzy sees new ‘Champion’


OZZY on Monday released a single titled Champion which is off his seventh studio album to be released next month.

The single is a love song that talks about acknowledging a woman’s special attributes. He describes this special woman as a champion and a rare woman of high value and morals.
“Sometimes you just want to appreciate a loved one, it’s something that I know I’d want to do for someone I’m in love with and holds a special place in my heart,” Ozzy explains.
“It features rave of the moment and K Army signee Jae Cash who is currently taking Zed rap to another level. The hook is delivered hot and fresh by a star in his own right, and Zambia’s most beloved living legend JK. I deliver once again on this song, reminding my fans why I am indeed the five-star general.”
The song was recorded at K Army Studios in Lusaka, and according to Ozzy, it has been a long journey of sleepless nights and hard work putting the piece together.
He is working on the video which he will release in the next few weeks.
His next album is titled Voice of Zambia and says he has done most of the work and they’re in the final phase.
Ozzy says he has worked with Big Bizzy, Quincy Wizzy, Mzenga Man, Sirlex and Rony and Jay B on production.
“On collaborations, I wouldn’t want to go all out because they’re some collaborations that we’re still putting together, I might give out some names that will end up not being on the final list, so I wouldn’t like to do that,” he says.
“Even the number of songs, I can’t mention because some may not make it, I recorded a lot of songs so we’ll have to sit down as a team and make the final list but there’s a song called ‘The Best’ and ‘Why Tima Wala’ that I know will be there.”
His first single off the album was a song titled Ma Inches which was released early this year and says he will release the video for Champion and thereafter the album.
“The album is totally different from anything I’ve ever done but the beauty about it is that it’s still done by General Ozzy, the same artiste people fell in love with 14 years ago,” he says.
“Fans should expect to have a great package. The album has taken two years to put together, it is one that they shall be listening to for a long time to come as it has a song for everyone that appreciates true art.”

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