Oxfam pledges agro investment

OXFAM country director Dailes Judge has said her organisation will continue promoting agricultural productivity and building resilience through increased investment and access to market for small-holder farmers.
Speaking in an interview with the Sunday Mail recently, Ms Judge said OXFAM is determined to increase productivity of small-holder farmers with particular focus on women and youths.
“We aim to increase the productivity of small-holder farmers by supporting them to have increased market access, access to and control of productive assets particularly land, and build resilience to economic and climatic shocks,” she said.
Ms Judge said OXFAM will also promote public debate and build voices of small-holder farmers by engaging with governance and market issues.
She said her organisation will this year focus on agriculture to supplement government’s diversification effort and food security.
“In line with our 2015-2020 strategy, we want to develop resilience and best models of support for small-holder farmers particularly women and the youth,” Ms Judge said.
Meanwhile, Ms Judge said OXFAM is committed to promoting gender equality through building a stronger women’s rights movement and the creation of conducive policies and social environment for women and girls.
She said there is need to promote programmes that support women to assertively exercise their rights to change negative attitudes that promote violence.
Ms Judge said OXFAM will ensure that it places emphasis on building women’s organisations and leadership capacities to end the violence against girls and women.
“Our emphasis is on influencing the implementation of existing gender progressive laws and policies, and also mainstreaming gender in all our programmes,” she said.
Ms Judge further said her organisation will also continue to mobilise and build the capacity of civil society and citizens to hold Government and private sector accountable in the use natural resources.

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