Owl spooks Kabwe residents

AN OWL has caused panic among traders conducting businesses under and around Mukuyu Tree in Kabwe on Freedom Way.
The Mukuyu Tree, also known as the Big Tree, located in the central business district (CBD), is a national monument and is believed to have been a meeting place for people in pre-civilisation.
On Saturday between 09:00 hours and 10:00 hours, scores of people in the CBD flocked to the Mukuyu Tree when they heard there was a ‘mysterious’ owl which they suspected was used for witchcraft.
Some people talked to said they had been seeing the bird on the same spot on the big fig tree for about a month while others claimed it has been there for about three weeks.
An eye-witnesses Darius Malama said he and his colleagues decided to climb the tree on Saturday morning to check if it was genuine bird.
Mr Malama said they have not been seeing the droppings  of the owl on the ground and this raised suspicion.
“When we climbed the tree, it flew away but where it was there were no droppings. We found two needles tied to a leaf and a cloth to make a cross on that spot where we usually see it,” he claimed as people around agreed with him.
Another eye-witness Christian Mutale said she has been conducting her business around the Mukuyu Tree for about four years and it is only in the past one month that she had been seeing the ‘mysterious’ owl.
“Many surrounded the tree and they were surprised that needles tied like a cross where found where we usually see that bird,” Ms Mutale said.
Yet another eye-witness Alice Phiri suspected the bird is used for witchcraft because a genuine bird could not sit on the same spot every day.

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