Origins of Zambian popular music

MUSICIAN Wezi V. Mhone aka Heartsound posted on her Facebook something that caught my attention.
“Zambian music from the 50’s? You know the days of Rhodesia,
way way way before independence…
lol did they release any? I wonder what the first Zambian album was?
I mean after Northern Rhodesia was officially renamed to ‘Zambia’,
I’m sure there’s people who know names!
“Help me with some information!”
she wrote Wezi is not the only one asking these questions especially among those below 35 in Zambia. When we were growing up in the 70s and
even 80s, this information was on all available media platforms. We saw this regularly and were reminded on the origins of Zambian popular
music. Fortunately, there are a number, albeit few, authoritative books on the matter. One such book is Zambian Music Legends by Leonard Koloko published in 2011.
On the origins, Koloko writes: – CLICK TO READ MORE


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