Orga Family, B1 make news at Kabwe Radio

THE Orga Family and B1 on Saturday and Sunday strayed into Kabwe where they performed on the same stage during the second anniversary of Kabwe News Centre (KNC) Radio.
The event was held at Chez Ntemba 2, and some local artistes, among them D2, took to the stage on Saturday after 22:00 hours to warm up the stage.
It was a chilly Saturday night, and to beat the cold, some patrons opted to remain inside Chez Ntemba 2 club jiving to different genres of music courtesy of DJ Castrol.
On the other hand, those whose minds were made up to watch the Orga Family and B1 braved the cold and were outside.
Others were on their foot dancing and singing along, but still others remained in their chairs or wherever they stood with their eyes fixed on the stage.
The Orga Family preceded B1 (Bruce Simbwalanga) and while on stage they made their intentions known as they unleashed songs that have made them a household name.
Once in command, Orga Kent and Orga Rex went on to sing songs such as Marcopolo, Chove Chove, Coca-Cola and Oga Oga.
Their playlist also included Missed Call, Kabende, Xenophobia and Okada, which has been nominated for the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation’s Born ‘n’ Bred awards in the Best Foreign Rhythm video category.
B1 took over around 02:00 hours on Sunday and refused to be outdone by the Orga Family.
Since it was a Sunday, whether by design or unknowingly, it was Mulungu Wanga that he first sang, which was followed by Perfecto.
Among other songs on his menu were Sikiliti ku Bed, Pillow and Motoka Yanga.
While the Perfecto singer was singing on the small stage, it was swarmed by excited fans, thus reducing the space for him to move about freely as he performed.

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