Opt for child adoption, women without children advised

THE Social Welfare Department has advised women facing difficulties in conceiving to consider adopting children rather than resorting to child theft. The country has seen an increase in cases of child thefts and this has caused fears among parents and guardians.Copperbelt Social Welfare officer Chris Hilweele said in an interview that the department has a number of children available for adoption which people with conceiving problems can take advantage of.Mr Hilweele said the adoption process may be tedious but it is way better than resorting to stealing children from women who go through a lot during the delivery process.“Women with conceiving challenges should come to our offices and we will give them children to adopt as opposed to them engaging in theft of children which is unlawful,” he said.Mr Hilweele said people willing to adopt children can apply to the social welfare department after which they will be assessed to ascertain if they are capable of taking care of them.He said the adoption process takes about three months owing to the procedures that should be undertaken.Mr Hilweele said people who want to adopt children should be patient because the process subjects them to inspections for three months from the time they are given the children.He suspects that people who steal children do it CLICK TO READ MORE


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