Letter to the Editor

Opposition political parties should provide checks, balances

Dear editor,
ZAMBIA is a multiparty state which means that there are many political parties in the country.
Some of the opposition political parties we have are United Party for National Development (UPND), National Restoration Party (NAREP), Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) among other political parties.
These opposition political parties are very important in the governance system of the country by providing checks and balances. By virtue of this significant role they play, they should not be sidelined because they are stakeholders in the development of the country.
Some opposition political parties don’t play their roles effectively as they criticise the government of the day on anything without justification. This is totally wrong because some of these parties deviate from the tenets of democracy.
In light of the aforesaid, let me hasten to mention here that Zambia is bigger than political party in the country. As such, there is therefore need for the opposition political parties and the ruling party to embrace each other’s views for the good of this nation.
In a nutshell, those in the ruling party should not perceive their counterparts in the opposition as enemies and vice versa. If anything, they are partners in development and they should work symbiotically together.
In conclusion, I am duty bound as a concerned citizen to implore the opposition political parties to provide credible checks and balances to the ruling party for the good of the nation.

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