Letter to the Editor

Opposition political parties not performing their task

Dear editor,
I WRITE with disgust on how Zambia and citizens at large have lost it out on real politics and politicians. The current calibre of opposition political parties leaves much to be desired, to say the least.
Instead of giving alternatives to Government, the opposition are busy embroiled in a fight to get into power, much to the disappointment of the general citizenry.
Late President Michael Sata, when in opposition, gave the then ruling MMD government of late President Levy Mwanawasa sleepless nights with his constructive and mature checks and balances on the state of affairs of the nation.
Mr Sata was not only focusing on Plot One, but was also making sure that those in power delivered according to people’s expectations.
May the souls of the two late gallant politicians (Presidents Mwanawasa and Sata) rest in peace.
The current opposition political parties, however, need to change their ball game.

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